Paris Mauritius real estate offers a personalized service of advice and accompaniment in your projects of real estate investments and purchases of villas & apartments in Mauritius.


Obtaining a residence permit

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Frangipane Arrival 2016 Price : 470 000 €


Halcyon Arrival 2017 Price : Nous contacter

Royal Park - Savanah

Royal Park - Savanah Arrival 2017 Price - contact us


Frangipane Arrival 2016 Price : 470 000 €

Royal Park - Savanah

Royal Park - Savanah Arrival 2017 Price : conact us


Halcyon Arrival 2017 Price : contact us

Pereybere Cove

Pereybere Cove Arrival 2016 Price : 300 000 €


Komaneka Arrival 2016 Price : 520 000 €

Ocean Legend - Tamarina - 350.000 €

Ocean Legend - Tamarina Price : 350.000 €

Le Clos du Littoral - 710.000 €

Le Clos du Littoral Price : 710.000 €

Domaine Hacienda - Villa "Domaine"

Domaine Hacienda - Villa "Domaine" Programme 2015 Prix : 395 000 € TTC

Rockview - 628.100 €

Rockview Price : 628.100 €

Ocean Legend - Tamarina - 350.000 €

Ocean Legend - Tamarina - 350.000 € Price : 350.000 €

Domaine Hacienda - Villa "Hacienda"

Domaine Hacienda - Villa "Hacienda" Programme 2015 Prix : 395 000 € TTC

Buying a villa in Mauritius is now possible thanks to our bilingual team based in Paris and Mauritius.


Our expertise covers the acquisition, implementation and marketing of IRS, RES and PDS assets.

- IRS - Integrated Resort Scheme

- RES - Real Estate Scheme

- PDS - Property Development Scheme


The reasons that push as many French and foreigners to come to settle in Mauritius?

- They are looking for a comfortable retreat in the sun.

- They are looking for a second real estate to spend each year their holidays in Mauritius.

- They wish to benefit from the very advantageous taxation offered for the ownership of a real estate: French tax exemption on wealth (ISF) on real estate (land, villas, apartments) held by French in Mauritius , No tax on capital gains.

- They wish to organize their succession (exemption of rights of succession in direct line.

- Having a part of their professional activities in Mauritius or in Africa, they wish to have a foot on the ground.

- They wish to obtain a residence permit, or even residence tax in Mauritius,

- They can all testify that real estate investment in Mauritius is a good investment! Who we are : Paris Mauritius Real Estate is a Mauritian team. The company is a Mauritian company. In the meantime, Our team in Mauritius is made up of the CEO of Paradis Immobilier Mr. Richard Bathfield and the CEO of www.homes.mu, Sebastien Staub who offer you full services: - Personalized visits throughout the island. - From the accompaniment to the selection of your real estate. - Offer their services to design your own real estate project (PDS) in Mauritius. - Until the acquisition of your residence permit at BOI - Board of Investment.



Are you an investor?

Richard Bathfield and Sébastien Staub are also promoters and agents active in the Mauritian real estate market. Richard Bathfield develops, for example, the project of villas RES "Villa Frangipane". Mr. Staub is responsible for marketing a selection of RES and PDS projects for several clients. Their skills, experience and advice are at your disposal.


The main benefits of investing in Mauritius:

- A non-Mauritian resident can stay 6 months a year in Mauritius with a renewed tourist visa once.

- Acquiring real estate under an IRS or PDS RES program with a value greater than $ 500,000 makes it possible to obtain a residence permit for yourself, your spouse and your children.

- It is also possible to obtain the residence permit Mauritius as creator of a company in Mauritius generating a certain income, or as a retiree receiving an annual minimum income on a bank account in Mauritius .

- The villas, apartments, or land held in Mauritius by French people do not fit into the ISF tax base in France.

- There are no inheritance rights in a direct line.



Local taxation:

Tax harmonization of 15% for both corporations and income tax

No taxation on capital gains

No withholding tax on dividends and interest

Exemption from customs duties on equipment Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital


Tax rates:

Corporate income tax: 15%

Income tax: 15%

Added value (VAT): 15%

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): 2% on profits

Registration fee: 5%